Suspension, Engine and Wheel Service for 2 / 4 stroke motorcycles and quads

  •  Fork Servicing, rebuilding , re-springing and custom set-up
  • Shock servicing, rebuilding, re-springing and custom set-up
  • Engine Valve Adjustments, 4-strokes
  • Engine top end servicing (2 and 4 stroke engines)
  • Wheel lacing and tire mounting service


PRO-PREPT MOTOCROSS CUSTOMER DISCOUNTS : *20%  discount after the first suspension service if you have a Pro-Prept fork/shock sticker on your suspension.  Our way of saying thank you for being a loyal, repeat customer.
* 20% discount applies to retail suspension service labor prices for repeat customers only.  First-time customers receive 10% discount off retail suspension labor prices if you are willing to run Pro-Prept stickers on your suspension components.

Forks off Bike Service:

Economy Fork Seal Change // $30
Just what it sounds like. Fork is taken apart just enough to change the failing fork seal. As much of your old fork oil is retained and a little bit of new fork oil is added to make up what the difference is between what you lost while the seal was leaking. This service available only when one fork seal is leaking.

Late Model Cartridge Fork Service // $85
Full Size Motocross or Off-Road motorcycle,80/ 85cc minircycle, & some 65cc minicycles: This service consists of dissassembly of your forks so that all the old contaminated fork oil can be cleaned from their internals. All outer bushings are cleaned & inspected, if they are worn you will be notified that replacement is needed, along with their cost. Fork seals are replaced. Internal cartridge seals are inspected for leakage at assembly, if they are leaking you be notified of the extra charge to replace them. Your inner fork tubes are inspected & if they have any small nicks or scratches they will be polished out before assembly. Forks assembly is then completed & oil levels or capacities are set to stock or your specifications.

ForkFloatingCompression Piston seal /or Rebound Rod Cartridge seal replacement // $25
If upon assembly either of the above seals are leaking, it requires extra labor to replace these. If your forks have gone soft suddenly The labor price to replace these is per pair and per end.

Older Model, Simple Damping Rod Type Fork Service // $65
Most Older & Vintage Motocross & Off-Road full size motorcycles,80/85cc minicycles, & most 60cc mincycles: These forks have very simple internals & therefore are not as labor intensive to service. All internal parts are cleaned & inspected. If bushings are worn you will be notified that they need replacement. Fork seals are replaced. Fork assembly is then completed & oil levels are set to stock or your specifications.

Fork Spring Upgrades, Stiffer or Softer // Most Fork Springs Retail for $104.95 Per Pair
No additional labor charge when fork springs are changed at time of servicing.

Fork Revalving or Fork Valving Adjustment // $180.00 per Pair
Pro-Prept offers Fork Revalving for bot Showa and KYB forks.

Shock off bike/ Quad Service prices:

Late model integrated reservior shock service // $65
Your shock is dissassembled so that all servicable parts can be cleaned & inspected before reassembly. The inner bore of the shock body is inspected for wear or damage. The nitrogen bladder in inspected for leakage. The shock piston band & o-rings are replaced at every service. The shock shaft seal is inspected for possible wear, if wear is detected your Shock Service will be upgraded to a Shock Rebuild & it's corresponding labor price. Once your shock has had all servicable parts cleaned &/or replaced your shock is reassembled using a hgh quality shock fluid & a fresh nitrogen charge. Included in all shock services is assistance in setting the ride height once you get the bike back together.

Older remote reservior shock service // $80
Same service as the Integrated Reservoir Shock Service, but because of the remote reservoir there is more handling involved thus a higher labor charge.

Late model integrated reservoir shock rebuild // $95
Basically the same as a shock service, but more labor because the seal head must be removed to rebuild it with new seals & a bushing or replace it with a new seal head assembly. If your bump stop is showing signs of going soft it will be replaced as well during this service.

Shock Revalving or Shock Valving Adjustment // $180
Pro-Prept offers shock revalving for both Showa and KYB shocks.

Remote reservoir and Yamaha quad shock rebuild // $110
Again because of the remote reservoir this shock requires more handling during rebuilding thus a higher labor charge. The Yamaha quad shock, be it remote reservoir or integrated reservoir, is time-consuming to disassemble so its labor charge is the same.

WORKS PERFORMANCE Front ATV Shock Servicing // Starting at $50/pair

Tires and Wheels :

Tube Replacement // $15
Wheel Off Bike, Standard MX tire with regular or H/D tube

Tire Change // $20
Wheel Off Bike, standard regular or H/D tubed tire

Tube Replacement // $20
Wheel Off Bike, Desert AT with H/D or Extra H/D tube

Tire Replacement // $30
Wheel Off Bike, Desert AT Type tire with any H/D tube

Rim & Spoke Replacement // $80
True Wheel, Tire Off Rim

Rim & Spoke Replacement // $100
True wheel, Standard MX Tire on Rim

Engine service:

Valve Clearance Inspection // $40
No adjustment needed

Valve Clearance Inspection, & Valve Lash Adjustment // $100

Carburetor Re-jetting, For new pipe, piston, or cams // Starting @ $50 - $100

Aftermarket Cam/Cams installation // $125

4 Stroke Piston Replacement // $300

Clutch Pack Replacement // $50